Reduce Income Inequality

It's Our Choice

Just as we have chosen social and economic policies that have increased inequality, so it is that we can now choose policies that seek to reduce inequalities. Choosing to reduce inequality makes a better country for us all.

There is no one single "silver bullet" to reducing inequality and we need to choose a range of responses that can help bring us "Closer Together Whakatata Mai". Here are some of the possible ways we can respond as a country and we would like to hear more ideas about reducing inequalities:

Restraint – choosing as business, local & central government and other organisations to restrain the growth in difference between highest and lowest paid and working on changing our attitudes to inequality. [Read more]

Regulation - passing legislation and regulations to raise the lowest wages and restrain the highest pay levels [Read more]

Redistribution – using the tax system to share income and wealth more fairly.[Read more]

An indepth discussion of these policy options is contained in the Policy Quarterly November 2011

See also this lecture in February 2012 "The Important Thing About Income Inequality is What You Do About It"